Bridged network failure?

This is in thw windows section as I don’t think it realy is a networking problem as such.

I want to set up my old mans pc as a wireless bridge, I’ve done it before, on other machines but for the life of me I can’t fet it to work on his…

2 network connections, 1 wired network, with adsl router / switch attached, working 100%
1 wireless connection, ad-hoc, wep enabled with a key I give it connects to the laptop but both machines are asking each other for dhcp, no worries.

I select both connections, right click, select bridge, bada bing, l now have an ip address assigned by the adsl router :slight_smile:

but, isn’t there always a but, from the laptop I cant get on the net, I can’t ping the router, I cant ping the bridged machine… but I have an ip address so i must be or have been connected…

The only firewall I can find is the windows one, so it’s now disabled, it’s got McAffee 9 on, and I can’t find any built in port blocking like mcafee 8 had,

I’m stumped, please help, I can’t be without net…