Bringing down HST

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There is currently a lot of self doubt and fear running through NASA (Need Another Seven Astronauts) and the Congress about the Shuttle and its safety. That will calm down.

The decision on servicing Hubble is still a year away and the end of its mission is at least seven years away. That date is likely to be extended for several reasons. One, the Webb telescope replacement is unlikely to be up and running by 2010. Two, the Webb will be premo in different wavelengths than Hubble and scientists will clamor for leaving it running. Third, there will be huge pressures to bring Hubble back to hang it in the Smithsonian.

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… NASA (Need Another Seven Astronauts) …

You’re not disparaging the only org. that sends its astronaunts all over Florida and Texas for their holidays, or are you ? :wink:

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Well, that was in bad taste.

I think that reference may have been taken out of context. I’m sorry to offend anyone.

It is a comment made often here about NASA managers. It suggests they are most interested in keeping the shuttle within the budget given to them by the congress and figure they can always find more volunteers to fly the damm thing.

The last time this happened in 1985 they got a check for $3,000,000,000 to build a replacement shuttle. NASA did nothing but place the order for a new one. Many people outside of the agency are disgusted with their attitude and have long been privately predicting another terrible tragedy.

Several weeks before the last one I told suprised people at a cocktail party that I was fearful another accident was in the offing. Sadly, my prediction came true. Many NASA watchers were not suprised either.

That is why this time the accident board’s ( report is spending most of its pages on changing NASA culture. They will only be sucessful if the congress gives proper funding.

That may take some doing. By my calculations it will take an additional $4,000,000,000 annually to keep the shuttle safe and make headway on a replacement for this now 30 year old technology.

Again, no callus offence intended.

No probs. :thumbsup: