Buddy Time in Draco

Ok Folks here is a list of the peeps so far that i can find the co-ords are
please add yours so we can get the buddy list up to date easier to communicate with

[li]Warmheart 2:262:6[/li][li] Bigsheff 2:177:11[/li][li] Bluecaval 2:111:4[/li][li] Driftwood 2:112:5(does anybody know them?)[/li][/ol]

Your Vice President:)

I have and account in Draco if anyone is interested in it let me know.
I a private message.

Current rank: 3271
Points: 751

Cross the Brazos at Draco,
Fly harder to make it before dawn;
Cross the Brazos at Draco
I’m safe when my Res isn’t home!

Could you broadcast any louder - location, location, location.

@Falling__Star Are you looking to join alliance - if so there’s the TPR & TBG - Sheffy is VP of the TBG (Just to clarify his tired key-stroking).

Although the account is small, atleast it has two planets and I wondering if there is any takers for a starter accoutn in draco. I can’t do 2 universes.

The account is currently in TPR where I hope it will stay.

Anyone interested in a starter account in Univ: Draco, message me.

can we have sub forum or is it not viable

for four players, you’re correct, simply not viable really

Points: 1326 and slowly climbing due to time, available on the computer.
Rank: 2959

2 Plaenets, ability to make cruisers.

Univ: Draco
Any takers.

combustion drive will soon be high enough for large cargos, currently level: 5