Calling Daniel Brady! Earth to Dan!

Your time will soon come sir! :stomp::stomp::stomp:

Please make sure you have cleaned up all the empty beer cans and Cheetos bags from the number 6 spot in Rosetta! :wiggle: :wave: :wiggle:

Arrgghh! Barbarians at the gate!
Wants my 6th spot, eh? Well, what do we have for him? Hmmmm. Got some leftover pizza, circa the '05 British Open. Really stuck down tight at this point, definitly not coming up. This pile here looks like gym socks from high school, ok actually the pile just smells that way, it’s hard to tell what it was originally at this point. Hey lookie! It that smells-like-a-fresh-corpse Durian fruit I picked up in Bali! Getting that bad boy back through customs was a bear, but MAOJC is worth it. Hmmm. A little sulfer here, hide an egg or two there and there, and all that remains is to superglue all of the drawers shut, and dowse the flames from the methane pipes from the dump next door. :fart: Maybe I’ll try that Tex-Mex diet until he gets here.

To paraphrase Mel Brooks: You Brute! Not much a mere human like me can do. Please treat the old place nicely, during your brief stay. Looks like DT will be along shortly as well. Need to find some Limburger by then…

:chuckle: :chuckle:

Most satisfying to see my best output figure on BoincStats going up every day :devil:

Only 800 or so more daily to find down the back on the sofa - or more precise the ones turned off five feet to my left…


I have got my gas mask out for my brief stay in the #6 position, I will leave the clean up to DT,

Me thinks today is the day. :nod:

Getting close huh? Well in honor of the event, I’ve decided to where a kilt today…

Well that is nice and my father, God rest his soul, was born in Scotland. :wink: Got pictures? :eek:

gets some mental images from Braveheart!

But me I live in Phoenix, AZ.

6) Daniel Brady  	54,821.68  	1,114.30  	United States
7) MAOJC (Medium Array of Junk Computers) 	54,818.45 	2,909.04 	United States

It doesn’t get any closer than that! @ 9:18 MST

:driving: Whoosh! :stomp::stomp::stomp:

eeewwwwhhhhh! the floor is sticky in here! What the heck you been doing in here! :lol:

Puking in disgust? :puke: :puke: :puke: Coating everything in double sided tape?

Sigh. Congrats are in order, sir. Apologies for the kilt thing; it’s raised some eyebrows here in Denver, too. You’re a marvel, your mad dash is doing wonders for the net team stats, and this whole run has been a lot of fun. Be nice to my spot (if you could clean it, that would be stellar!), as I’m making a run to bump sirgaz shortly.

No problem, I am gonna :smackbum: first on sirgaz!