Cameras Cause Congestion

Having avoided driving anywhere near Ken “Stand and Deliver” Livingstones charging zones this is all news to me but it seems that the cameras set up to catch and fine drivers for not observing the yellow keep clear road markings are actually causing congestion.

A side effect of the 100,000 penalty notices from the Department of Dandy Highwaymen is that drivers are staying well away from the stripey bits of junctions to avoide getting a fine. This means fewer cars are crossing the junctions, 150 cars an hour on average fewer.
Thats half a mile of bumper to bumper Mondeos

Full story here

Shoot the f**ng lot of em, politics gone mad :nod:

I’ve not seen these box junction cameras yet, what do they look like?

I’d so get caught by a box junction camera. I haven’t got a clue how to use box junctions :confused:

(Please throw your woman driver comments over there >>>) :wink:

Don’t park / stop on them, that’s all there is to it :wink: (Granted that’s quite a bit for your average woman driver to take on board while you’re on the phone, doing your make up and looking at your kid on the back seat ;))

No kid, no back seat. Can’t take my hands off the wheel long enough to answer the phone. Never take make up out with me :wink: Still don’t understand box junctions but ‘Don’t stop in them’ is a good start. Cheers :smiley:

Dont enter unless your exit is clear!

Bit like porking somebody elses missus and making sure you have an escape route planned