Can someone...

of the admins create a TPR Team for SZTAKI Desktop Grid please?
Project URL:

Just out of intrest, what laguage is that?

I cant read it what evr it is but I can make out it’s a maths project from one of the English sections…

The language is I think hungarian but I’m not sure.

I think you may have to start a team yourself.

just doing it now :slight_smile:


Thanks DT! :cheers:

Curiously, I was searching Phoenix Rising just yesterday to join…but I couldn’t find the team name. I just joind the team for SZTAKI.
I was interested in Grid Computing, though I’m not able to read it at all… :confused:
Someone can understand this language?

To be true, I also can’t understand this language but I’m hopefully that this project is not commercial in some way. But I’m happy to see that I’m not alone on that project :)!