Can you mix and match XP Home and XP Pro 64 bit

My current PC running XP Home is attached by cable to my wireless router. I want to build a 64-bit PC using an XP Pro 64-bit licence. Would I be able to link the 64-bit XP Pro machine to the router wirelessly without any issues at all?

yeh, no worries, they all talk the same language, TCP/IP

Cheers Damski

I may have to retract that comment, I’m currently working on a network where once machine can’t hook into a share on the network, the only difference in setup is this one machine is XP Home. Can someone else confirm?

I have XP 32 & 64 bit + various trial installs of 32 & 64 bit Ubuntu & Fedora all talking happily here…

they talk fine eventually , they just have to get to know each other a bit longer.

ok it sounds stupid but its exactly how it works

yes, I can now confirm my dodgy machine was down to a corrupt tcp/ip stack thay all see eachother fiine now