Cap in hand time

Well, I didn’t want to have to do this :frowning:

But, we’ve fallen rather short of being able to pay for the dedicated server from the bank balance of TPR affiliate monies and previous donations.

The state of our finances in a very small nutshell :slight_smile:

We have a vBulletin ‘owned’ licence, this means that we can run the forums forever and ever :slight_smile: For upgrades, that’s about £40 a year if you have an owned licence, double that if not, there or thereabouts. May not be those figures but you get the idea, having an owned licence is better in the long run.

We have the lan-party gigabit switch sat in my loft, I’ve not made an active effort to sell this, but do have a couple of people who have shown interest.

I took out account, the amount for the low-level VPS and that left us with £23 ish in funds. That simply did not cope with the forums at all :frowning: So we moved up a level, back to a newer dedicated with more power than the old one and a better OS, for less per year. I got a full refund for the VPS.

The upshot however, is that the server cost £276 more than we had :frowning:

Bank transfer, cheques or postal orders preferred, but I will create a TPR paypal account if there is enough demand.

We don’t need a lot, and if we get more than what we do need, it’s sits in an account for if we wanted to expand or buy someother software to run on the server.

So please remember to use the affiliate links on I can tell you where 80% of the income from the affiliate links comes from as I use them all the time wherever possible for work stuff :slight_smile:

PM for details if you wish to make a straight to fund donation towards the running costs.


Bank details please DT :slight_smile:

On the affli thing, if I change my Amazon shortcut to be the below (link from the image on the crunchy hog site)does that flick on the link or do I have to go through the crunchy hog site every time?

I use it just link that, overwritten my link in my favourites :slight_smile:


Id donate… but paypal is my only option…

paypal doable, I’ll just put it into my paypal for now and I’ll do an instant bank transfer of the amount.


[QUOTE=DoubleTop;442554]I use it just link that, overwritten my link in my favourites :slight_smile:


Just done the same :thumbsup:

is there a way (I think we had one before) where we could set up a load of faves to download in one hit with all the links in? If we make it as easy as poss you may get more people using it.

What about maybe setting up a sort of ‘Home page’ for TPR users… we can set it as our homepage with the affil links on there and maybe also sign up for google ads and get theyre search bar put on there :slight_smile: im sure that would help the coffers :slight_smile:

that’s kinda the point of crunchyhog :slight_smile: I could do something on the new layout though, time for a ponder …


That’s a good point I never thought about that… but my home page is google… so having the google search bar would be very handy :slight_smile:

Mandy and I have discussed and will donate Malk, but still needs to be a couple more weeks due to all the medical expense at the moment. Yet I do have an idea…
I can’t seem to remember the post, but it was about a baby who got microwaved by her mum, I linked a video to it… I didn’t expect what happened. 250.00 profit off it:D
I know members can’t, but certainly you could add some interesting news stories from Voxant, to a forum section or home page.
Interested write me and be happy to give you some more info.

Bank details please Malk :slight_smile:

That’s what we need – more creative thinking. I can provide the microwave. Since we don’t need quite so much money, do you think a kitten would do?

Can people really see us needing that switch again ?

I can’t for TPR lans, unless someone magically finds us a venue or buys a mansion :smiley:


For pete sake, I was not suggesting showing that video again… but current news.
It simply would pay TPR for every news video that is clicked and watched in full.

[QUOTE=Vortex;442608]For pete sake, I was not suggesting showing that video again… but current news.
It simply would pay TPR for every news video that is clicked and watched in full.[/QUOTE]

We’ve always tried to steer away from too much advertising as income generators, hence why all the ‘fund raising’ is done on a different domain. In the past, and has shown with this instance, the amounts the members put forward will cover costs in order to keep the site PPC clean.

If it’s decided that we should implement a PPC feed somewhere, it’s possible with the resources we have. Wouldn’t take too much to setup a with suitable contribution software.


I’ve also done the same with ebay, I spent just over a tenner on buyitnow auctions on Sunday and the Ebay affiliate scheme paid out 29p :smiley:


Another bookmark for me to change too then :lol:

Its not that I don’t want to help, its just that I click link and buy what I need, I don’t contemplate going through crunchy hog or whatever…

@Vortex… I don’t think anyone thought you were suggesting that at all :slight_smile:

I can

a.) donate casheroony

b.) donate hardware , procedes to TPR …