Capital One Cardholder ?

Did you take out the payment Protection Insurance on your capital one card ?

Best you ask for a refund of your payments then

The card company has been fined £175,000 by the Financial Services Authority and could end up shelling out £3m in refunds and claims to customers that bought its loans protection policies.

Around 50,000 Capital One customers will be able to claim a refund on their PPI payments because the FSA said the company failed to provide ‘adequate systems and controls’ when it sold the insurance.

The FSA said that between January 2005 and April 2006, Capital One failed to ensure the 50,000 customers received important information about their policy, including all exclusions. This could have led to some people, such as the retired, self-employed or those with income protection already in place, buying needless payment insurance.

Not that I´ve got an axe to grind or anything

hehe this is good news for everyone, as all the big banks are getting done over by these unfair fees it is about time we revolted about financial unfairness in this glorious country

I’ve always found Capital One to be one step away from loansharks. I’ve been lucky to never need them, having somehow protected my credit rating against all odds!, but I know some people who pay monthly interest rate to Cap1 that I pay in a year on some products!