Car Insurance ... LMAO

Got my renewal forms from Virgin, about £375 fully comp (3 yrs no claims). :sigh:

Rang Churchill and got quoted £208 :slight_smile:

Rang Virgin to say I didn’t want to renew, they then quoted £198 :shrug:

This insurance stuff is a right laugh :lol:

Go my renewal from Prudential £225. Went online, couldn’t find a cheaper one and got the same policy with a £38 refund via Mutualpoints.

I do exactly that with quidco, got £70 back on last car insurance, and when it came to home insurance CIS buggered up and paid 2 lots of the cashback, so my house insurance went from £248 down to £108

Might be worth a try… Just got mine through…

£677 from Norwhich Union with my brother on as well… 4 years NCB.

Directline have said £469.

Pain my brother being on the insurance mind… Otherwise I’d be at £250 ish :frowning:


Just rang Norwhich Union and they’ve renewed me for £447. Not a bad saving for giving them a ring! And I got an English call centre and straight through :eek:

Similar problems with esure… renewal £213 so phoned to take wife off as she is dead and was asked to pay another £25 to change details??? Tried the net and esure were £118 for the basic. Paid £149 in the end for identical package with guess who… a robbing bunch of ‘Barstewards’ called esure. The mind boggles