Car Insurance

So my car insurance is up for renewal - bear in mind this will only be the 2nd year I’ve been driving a 4-wheeler :wink:

Hastings Direct send me a renewal quote for £765 tpft, a fair chunk less than last year’s £1k ish… so I look around for cheaper quotes and come up with a saving of £230 cheaper than that!

Here’s the kicker, the cheapest quote (about £530) was from none other than Hastings Direct :ghey:

So I phone them up, they can’t explain it, so I cancel the renewal and go with the new online quote. :confused:

Still, pretty much halved the insurance from last year just a bit miffed the renewal quote was so far off the mark.

Is this a normal tactic for car insurers ? :catfight:


Happened to me last year, an extra years no claim, but they added ~£200 onto the insurance. Shopped around and saved £100 on the previous years insurance.

And I rang them up this week to see if I could add business to my insurance to be told “It has no effect on the price of the insurance even if I selected it when I joined”. So I’ve just had to pay £15 for something that would have been free about 7 months ago :frowning:

happened to me this year as well, they are banking on you just accepting the renewal. Mine went UP which made no sense. I found the same, I was with Elephant and the cheapest was Admiral, they are the same company :sigh:


I usually find going through the likes of, I get better prices and cashback :slight_smile:

Agreed it’s always worth shopping around, and quidco deffo gets a big :thumbsup: here.

What got me was how can a company charge £230 more to renew a policy than they quote for a new policy ?? Exactly the same car, same details - I just don’t get it. License to print money :frowning:

Introductory Offers … aka 20% off your first years insurance, which is why it usually goes up on the renewal date :ghey:

I just play the system now, most companies are linked into the same database anyway so it doesn’t really matter, I just keep changing insurers and get the introductory first year offer :sigh: