Careers in networking

lo all,

Right i didnt post this in the network forum, as well quite frankly this forum gets more traffic and i have no specific hardware question(s).

I do however want to know who makes a living supplying / installing / maintaining / <other(s)>, with networks. No type is really important, so i guess anyone who keeps the company network running through to data centre gods and the likes. just anyone:D

I got a few questions for anyone kind enough to answer me:p

Cutting a long story short, i need to decide on uni’s/career blah blah, as its my second year of college when i return, and a week or so in we need to start filling in nasty forms. OHHH my head i can feel it hurting now ;/

cheers andrew

TBH mate if you want to go down that route make 110% sure that the uni course you pick has a year placement in it. I finished my degree in computing & networks (just computer science but I took all the network modules) last summer and had it not been for the year I spent at IBM before my final year I wouldn’t be able to actually do anything.

Unis are excellent at teaching you about IP fragmentation etc. but without the experience of actually doing the job they won’t teach you how to do anything an employer might ask like admin of and configuring clients to use domains etc.

Spacey mind if i pm you sommat to read ?

that took 3 PMs to get the reply in!!!

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a BIG thanks goes to Spacey, been a great help:D

Let me know if I can be of any assistance :wink:

I run a company called Swordfish who offer a range of hosting services from low end shared hosting to fully managed dedicated servers. We also manage Syracuse Unversity’s network in London.

Spaceboy knows a fair bit about networking too.

Aah but you havent got any windows 2000 servers have you?


Call your self a professional… pffrrt



Originally posted by Butuz
[B]Aah but you havent got any windows 2000 servers have you?


Call your self a professional… pffrrt


Butuz [/B]

We have 1, which is only because a client insisted on it. It’s hardly a “professional” OS though :p;)

I’m sysadmin and team leader for a company with about 80 internal servers, all windows 2000/2003 spread over 5 regions around South Africa.

I run Exchange/SQL/Siebel/Cellsys/Clustering/IIS/FTP and a world of other things.

PM me if you have any questions.

My girlfriend, Jess, is studying her CCDA which is a Cisco Certicfied Design Associate, systems and network solutions and design architecture are her main responsibilieties. She’d be happy to answer any questions.

I’d strongly recomend specialising in a specific field of computing, ie, networking, back office, design, development, consulting etc. It’s probably the only way your going to make an outstanding name for yourself in the industry.

Just my 0.02 cents worth.

PM me if you need more advice or info.


As well as doing web development, I also look after the web and database servers, so I can help out with the same kind of issues as Muppet if needed. :slight_smile: