Case Badge Update Number 2

I have had a look, a good look too and am totally out of flaming badges. I am gonna order another 50.
We have around 12 Saucers left.

Do you have cups to go with those saucers???

/gets coat…


Originally posted by Repo
[B]Do you have cups to go with those saucers???

/gets coat…

:wink: [/B]


/helps Repo with his coat

O.K so I finally got my finger out and ordered another set of badges.
I have found 5 flames, these are the last 5 from the original batch of 150 :eek:
These are allocated to CHAS as he has paid me and I sent some out but they got lost in the post (yes really) Out of all the badges I sent all over the world these are the only ones to go missing !!!

So lpsched, Ian D and Spike are the other people I have to send out to, so if you guys could PM me with your postal addies, or email me at I will send the badges out when they arrive, apparently wednesday next week :slight_smile:

Oooh badges…

Any piccies of these kicking around anywhere ?


there you go m8:D

just how do you get one of these fabled case badges…

I would start with a PM to that awfully nice Mr nitRAM as he is the holder and sole distributer of the badge stash :slight_smile:

lol. ill prob look into getting one after i got ome stuff sorted…

Are these still a going concern?

I want some, but the link to the different types is dead (pruned?).

Got me some 802’s and scraped off the Ridcully designed OcUK ones finally off my old case. I’m a lazy bugger innai?

The Badge Link don’t work, I would like one though

sounds great, count me in too, has anyone ever suggested car stickers, t shirts and the like ?? slap me down if its all been discussed before… just wondered thats all… :chin:

Good point there, lets have some of those :wink:

well it was just a quick thought as i was reading the thread. I’m on hols next week, but will start looking deeper into the idea when i get back.
perhaps someone has a m8 in the printing game for some info ??
I wonder who could come up with a design ? :smiley: :nod:
i’ll start a new thread with any info i get, unless anyone else gets there first :slight_smile: all feedback welcomed :slight_smile: