caught speeding :(

just got a letter throught the door says i been caught on camera doing 40mph in a 30mph zone anyone know how many point and how much fine that’;; cost me :frowning:
and do i get a brucie bonus :smiley:

Sheesh, what a bummer - and i can really sympathise :frowning:

But, for what it’s worth and if it’s any consolation, it’s a ditto here, tho’ it was her indoors wot got caught :smiley: and for the second time on the same camera :mad: She’s now realised when she drives past that spot that the speed limit is reduced due to it being a school zone

Still, it’s a $AU130 fine for us both. Fortunately the points get deducted from her license not mine as the registered owner and… this means that i’m now owed big time!! :wink:

So tell me, why is it that we guys don’t get brownie points?? :confused:

I got done doing average 67 in a 40. Was a long straight empty road with no one else around except that unmarked police car following me. Doh! That was fixed penalty of £60 and 3 points, insurance went up £20 too.

BTW is it me or does Plymouth now have speed cameras everywhere now?

yeh, it’s usualy a flat fine of £60 and 3 points :frowning: my Mrs was flahed about a fortnight ago, but we have had nothing through, I’m hoping the camera had no film, or they laughed when they realised they were going to do a smart for speeding :slight_smile:

Got my first french speeding ticket here, it’s 58 euros, however as I have a uk license, not sure how the points system works.

oh plymouth is full of camers these days soon as you get up any speed at all you have to ease off again cause you know theres a camera close by :frowning: and some places are 20mph zone :frowning:

That’ll be an SP30 m8, 3 points and £60 as already stated.

can’t complain i spose got away without getting any for over 20years had to get me in the end …lol

all my other cars have been at least 10years old and never been caught :slight_smile: get a new one have it about a month and look what happens …lol if i keep this up i won’t even be able to drive it i’ll be banned …lol