CD ripping & media playback apps/codecs ?

Looking for some opinion here boys and girls.

My stereo will be gone very soon and I’ll be using my iPod and PC (via a mid range AV amp and 7.1 speaker set) to provide me with my much needed music. This is far from a purest setup but needs must I’m affraid.

As part of this I want to re-encode my current CD collection. They’re all MP3’d already (approx 50gb) but I want to go for a lossless format to deliver the best quality. With storage so cheap I’m not worried about file size :wink:

So what do you giys use to encode in a lossless format? what do you use to play back? etc?

Really I’m open to any ideas so long as the resulting files can be played without issue on my iPod and that they also work in Windoze without the need for me to do everything via iTunes (shudder).

What apps are you using to playback music/video or your PCs these days? I’m still using WMP for the most part…


music, winamp (basic but works okay)
movies, VLC - it absolutely rocks :thumbsup:

I think transferring music to your ipod might re-encode it on-the-fly regardless of what format it’s in on the PC.

audiograbber to rip/encode music to mp3 or other formats…

winamp to play…(not as basic as spaceboy implys)

vlc to play movies

For music playback I use Foobar 2000, and for video (most, if not all formats) I use VLC no need to install codec’s, I use Audiograbber to rip my cd’d to lame encoded mp3’s, for a lossless format I would choose Flac, should be plenty of encoders…etc if you google, with plugins foobar, winamp will play them… having not used Itunes I’m not sure if these formats will play on an Ipod.


CDex for ripping on Windows, Grip for Linux.
Ogg for music files (not to fussed about losing some as q3 tag is perfectly adequate I found and patent free)
Winamp for Windows, Rythembox on linux. Foobar had rubbish or no library function IIRC when I tried it.

VLC on both linux and windows for movies.

There are plenty of plugins for Foobar including a library function amoungs others just have a look on the foobar forums.


[QUOTE=Curly99;367933]There are plenty of plugins for Foobar including a library function amoungs others just have a look on the foobar forums.


There’s plugins? Seems silly not to have it by default.

sorry for going :Offtopic: Spacey

@drezha: iirc it done that way so you can add just the functions you want and will use.


I’m actually starting to be won over by Apple’s lossless format. Did a few tests and on the Ipod or via the PC using Itunes the quality is pretty impressive. There’s plenty of apps that support the m4a format now so it looks like it might be a goer.