Ch ch ch changes!

Gee I leave for little bit and you all redecorated and changed the locks on me. ~smiles~
So guess I’ll poke around for a bit and try to figure this out.

Oh hello everyone! Yes I’m still kicking, just older, meaner, and most of the bewildered by our new leader donnie boy, as I like to call him.

changed the locks = guilty

redecorated = guilty

meaner? is that possible :hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

Right here goes …

Donny Boy - you must be referring to “The Man Who Sold the World”? Changes? - yes lots of those but be brave and don’t be a Hero or you may be sent away to experience Life on Mars as a Space Oddity. I suppose when Under Pressure you may say that with your friend Donny Bot - This is Not America or there would be some Dancing in the Street. We can’t comment though, or can we, which side are the Absolute Beginners? Everyone Says Hi though and thanks to discography of Wikipedia her endeath and I move onwards to The Next Day.

I’ll get my coat … :coat:


Hello Vortex.
Nice to see you back !


Well thank you! Would have responded sooner but the forum wouldn’t let me in. . . Not sure why, but I think DT blamed you. ~smiles~

BTW: To all: DT said you all are about a slackers, Guess that would make me queen of slacking.

Two times guilty. . .Well I see you are still one to keep an eye on then.
Curious never would have thought you knew so much about Bowie (R.I.P. David)
Ok I’m just squawking like a pink monkey bird, so I’ll just shut up and go poke around because I’m back on Suffragette City.
BTW we still serve custard here.

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too right everything is Bilko’s fault :100:%

So is everyone here allowed to blame mishaps on Bliko. This could come in useful in the future.:smirk_cat:

You kind of get used to it after a while !


Good to know we have a fall guy:rofl:

Been like that for years.
The trick is to drink enough so you can see the blows coming, but you cant feel them when they land…



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Well heaven forbid, but if I ever have to use you as the “fall guy” I’ll make sure to bring you a good bottle first. ~smiles~