Changing Bootloader

Anyway to change the deafault OS in the boot loader?

Any help BEFORE you all get bladdered would be nice! :wink:

Looking to change from the FC2 default to Windows default. At least until I get Yoper installed and see if the thing will run internet. :slight_smile:

As an aside, anyone know how I can install my flash stick onto the machine? :slight_smile: In 'nix?

grub.conf on the fc2 if you’re loading the grub boot loader

/in a rush cus packing - sorry…


The flash is just another device.

look at the mount command. I think if you make a directory under mnt call usb the command looks like this:

mount /dev/sdaX /mnt/usb

where X is the scsi drive is gets mapped to. Check the file /var/log/messages as you plug it in. With IDE type drives the mapping should be device /dev/sda1

I don’t have my key with me but from memory that should do it.

Which boot loader you using now? grub?

yeah using GRUB.

I’ll give both as you said a whirl but I’ll see…

Gonna move around my PC first and see if I like elsewhere in my room…:stuck_out_tongue:

vi /etc/grub.conf

In the first few lines you will find one which reads

default=0, in your case it may say 1, 2, 3 or whatever it will be a number.

Below this are the operating systems which are bootable, it is easy to see which is which.
Just change the default= to point to the Windows partition, beware the first bootable operating system is 0 (zero) not 1.