Cheekey Blighter!!

Well yeh, just me being a cheekey blighter thought I’d throw this post up, not exactly begging but seeing if anyone was interested in giving a little something.

Between 7 Mar 10 and 23 May 10 our next door neighbour Shelley will be one of three people that are going to be running a total of 105 miles in a combination of 10 mile, 10km, Half Marathons and finishing with one of them running the Edinburgh Marathon.

They have decided to raise money whilst they attempt to achieve this and they are donating the money to BLESMA

BLESMA (British Limbless Ex Service Men’s Association) is the national charity for limbless serving and ex service men and women and their dependants and widows.

It is the charity that directly supports all our service men and women who lose limbs, the use of limbs or eyes or the sight of an eye in the service of our country and we are with them all whenever we are needed for the rest of their lives. Our work starts with rehabilitation - proving that there is life after amputation. Our work is about amputee helping amputee - the fellowship of shared experience. Our work is about life long welfare support, about campaigning for what they deserve and about being there when old injuries come back to haunt. Our youngest Member is 19 and our oldest is 99 - Truly we are BLESMA for Life.

If you fancy giving something please use this linkto go to their just giving site, even if you don’t donate I’m happy that I have made you aware of one of the lesser know organisations that do sterling work for those ex service men and women that need the most help.


Made a donation, seemed a more sensible place to drop a few quid than a couple of weeks lottery tickets.

Bunged a few quid into the kitty as I would only spend it on rubbish… like food. :wink: So I lose a few pounds = a win-win situation as my doc would love to see me lose weight.

Will cadge the info and the link and pass it on to hopefully raise more dosh.

Any updates on this yet Damski ?

My neighbour has done her first run. It was last Sunday, she said it was hard work but she didn’t stop when she thought she might need to for a breather. Her big half Marathon is later in the month. Oncce she’s done that I’ll update on the total they raised and hopefully pop up a piccture of them all.