Chicken Checking

I promise I’ll spend more time around here. . .be a good place to take a break from insane American politics.
Anyhow I need to go check on our chickens, damn coyotes have been an issue lately.

Thought the title of this thread was ‘Chicken Choking’, had to take a double look…

Could have been interesting.


Guess you can take the topic another direction. Sounds like good advice to always check your chicken before you choke it, ~smiles~

Reminds me of a story.

Four years ago we decided to get some chickens, and I found a lady near us that was selling. Mandy was busy so I went with a friend up here since he wanted to get some more too.

Anyhow Mandy before I left had one request, and that I made sure they were smart chickens… .”OK Mandy I’ll do my best”, I said. I found some I liked and I turned to the elderly women and told her I had to get only smart ones. She looked a little puzzled, but then turned to me with a smile and said, “You know all chicken are pretty smart till you cut their heads off.

LOL :lol:

Somewhere there is something about TPR and headless chickens !


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Found a couple searching, yet methinks many times I felt like a headless chicken here. LOL

Cluck !

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