Children In Need Fund Raising

Hi guys as you know it is 2 months until children in need day, every year my school/college has a fundraisier, this year i have decided that over 2 hours i am going to do 1200 yes 1200 press ups, this is 10 a minute every minute for 2 hours, i am getting sponsored for this and if any body wishes to donate then i would be very happy if you could make it in a cheque form payable to

BBC Children in Need Appeal

and mail it to my home (address via pm)

there will hopefully be videos and photos of me undertaking this momentous task and they will all be posted, the event is on 17th november so i am giving you plenty of notice,

thanks very much


I can lend you a webcam if you want to do it live for the masses.

There must be some Yahoo/MSN thing to video conference your event to all your waiting sponsors.

would a donation via postal order be ok cos we dont gots a cheque book?

yup postal order is great, and i will be doing it in college so i dont think i can web cam, but my m8 has a video recorder i could use i think