Christmas Thread

:rolleyes3 :shocked3: :kiss3: :cheesy3:

its crimbo :D:D:D :flip:


:spam: :spammed: :funknana:



:spam: :spam: :spam: Alert.

Oh, and Merry Xmas to all :grin3: :grin: :grin: :grin:

It is a no win here, Must work all week this week and next…:cry3: Only good thing is the weather.


not in work next week :slight_smile:

Should finnish midday friday as factory floor is only working 1 shift so us pen pushers
upstairs should be able to get away same time :slight_smile: don’t have to be back until the 4th.

Be very surprised if any Company Directors are even in Friday… which should be a good thing.

got my “official” letter of redundancy today, so that’s it for me, party time is gonna be parteeeeeeeeeeeee time :smiley:

Sign on tomorrow, then party, then worry about “things” and “stuff” in the new year :nod:

Merry Christmas everyone, have a great time :smiley:


A Happy, :spam:-free Christmas to all my readers.

Yeah Right…
:grin3: :cool3:

I finished on 19th December, and return 4th Jan - one of the ‘benefits’ of a broken elbow during ‘summer’ is that I took no leave and so had to use it all up at Christmas :smiley:

A Very Merry Christmas, and a peaceful, prosperous and joy-filled New Year to everyone.

You sure that wasn’t a cunning plan Alta :chin: :devil:

I got to work till midday friday and go back in thursday and new years eve till 4pm. Slave driving solicitors :angry3: :furious:

Oh MERRY CHRISTMAS :cheesy3: :cheesy3: :cheesy3:

You guys are a bunch of slackers for sure. :nod: Me wants time off! Damn! :frowning:

Same here :cry3:

but come 1pm on Friday I’ll be off back to mine load the car up. Then pick up my girlfriend who finishes at 5pm. 1h down the m25/m4 to Reading to her folks house and in the pub by 7pm so it’s not too bad :drink:

:cheesy3: Happy Christmas :cool3:

/Xmas hint - if your better half decides she wants to watch a Christmas movie at the cinema, DON’T go and see Christmas with the Kranks!!!

Merry Christmas to all from the Damski household,

and just to naff off those already naffed off, I’ve been off since Friday and I’m not back in till the 6 th, oh joy.

For me the busiest time of year, no time for forums, but I wholeheartedly echo Alta’s comments :slight_smile:

Hat’s off to all in the “trade” working through this time of year :cool3:

For myself, i don’t finish until Friday lunch time… my guys can go home as soon as all the machines are cleaned down for christmas. We return on the 4th.

Hope everyone has a great time, its a stressfull time of year when we are all forced into spending time with the family :grin3:

Happy Christmas TPR :grin:

Well got sat and sun of this week…and at least sat and one other day next week…soooo i shall be making the most of this weekend and next :smiley:
Happy Christmas and a Very happy New year to you all :smiley:


have a very merry :cheers: christmas and all the best for the new year to all of TPR


I finish tomorrow lunchtime (ish) and then not back until Jan 4th :funknana:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year guys :thumbsup:

Xmas hint - if your better half decides she wants to watch a Christmas movie at the cinema, DON’T go and see Christmas with the Kranks!!!

its a bit to late mate i already got hit with that :(:frowning:

I feel for you man. It was Poor with a capital Poo :wink: