Completing Installation...

I’m trying to install Vista 32bit on my server, and it ALWAYS gets to ~75% ‘completing installation’ and stops. It’ll sit there with the three little dots going forevermore.

I’ve tried using the latest nvidia ide drivers with the installer, raid isn’t enabled… anyone have any ideas what I can do to get this OS on there? XP Pro, XP 64, and Vista 64 all work fine, but Vista 32 is the only one which supports the applications I want with the latest media centre :sigh:.

Asus P5N-E SLI
Nova-T 500
4x 500GB WD

Googling brings up quite a few people with the same problem, but none with a fix!

Try one drive only. The RAID should also be off in the BIOS. I would also remove the TV Card until the basic setup is completed. I’m thinking it’s a IRQ issue is all…you could also try moving that card to another PCI slot.

Seems I’ve stumbled on it, JMicron raid controller seems to be causing it to get upset. Disabled that and I now have Vista installed.

Thanks for the reply though Steps :).