Confidence ...

well, I think I’ve proved to myself that a lot of sports is all down to confidence. After a couple of seasons off from darts, I went back this summer to playing for my local in the

First season, so didn’t put myself under much pressure, and tbh I was rubbish. So I decided that as my throw has changed after a couple of years off and recently seeing an osteopath, time for a new set of darts. The ‘old faithfull’ darts are nearing 11years old and each point is a different length and all equally blunt.

So off to darts shop in Reading to see George Beasley, got myself a new set of 24g slim darts with a form of funky wibbly tip. The ones George had in stock were the prototypes that were made, prior to the design being brought by Harrows, so double bonus nice and cheap as no brand name. The point is on a silicon ring and goes higher into the barrel than normal darts, giving a bit of ‘give’ in the tip, to avoid bounceouts. They feel right with short stems and go into the board at a decent angle.

So feeling a bit more confident, I’ve had a couple of hours of practice. First time in one practice session I’ve hit 2x180’s !!! And with the kids sat watching and scoring as I was playing 301down.

Best £18 I’ve spent for a while :slight_smile: I can’t wait for the singles competition at the end of the month now :trophy: :xfinger:


Nice one DT. Soon see you shooting up the leagues then :thumbsup:

a bit disappointed really, I’ve been off work ill and missed the singles competition :frowning: