Congrats to mr.kjellen : 1Million Seti

We have another cruncher to break 1Million on Seti tonight. :hail: Well done Anton, excellent crunching :tiphat:

and it seems we have a race…

If you are up for it… highest total at 12pm New Years Eve is good for me :chuckle:

Looking at your stats, I think there is maybe only a 200 - 300 credits per day difference. So, if you can add one more fast CPU box, or upgrade a few of the smaller units, it should make it really interesting :eek:

So, get your rigs running hard and fast, The Nightlord is on the loose :driving:

Nice job on the 1M! :woot:

Well done man! I’m in awe of TPR’s SETI crunching!

WELL DONE :thumbsup:

Thanks guys…it feels good to be in The Club. :trophy:

Nightlord, I might be able to pull out some extra power to make the race more interesting.

Too bad my LTSP setup is running a 2.4 kernel…or I coud have brougt it into the fray. It works @rosetta now…dont wanna mess with it :rolleyes:


Excellent crunching sir!! :worship:

Missed this post :frowning:

Congrats MK :thumbsup: