Congratulations to Minidtdan and WhiteKnight Under 10's

First season in a league, Berkshire Youth Development league and today was the final game of the season …

Minidtdan was awarded with man of the match, even though it was the first loss of the season :trophy:

Oh, and the :trophy: as well for winning the league :smiley:

It’s been hard, I do like my Saturday mornings in bed, but those 9:30 training sessions have kept me busy. My first go at assisting with coaching as well, thoroughly enjoyed it and the team has really come on since we first started. So much so that the FulhamFC scout came to watch how we did today against a team 4divisions higher :slight_smile: It’s the second time he’s viewed our players and team and has been complimentary of our passing game both times.

Well done to all the boys who may find this from :google: :smiley: Now you just have to work out who DoubleTop is … :lol:

This link might work …


Nice going guys and here’s hoping the scout liked what he saw :nod:

well done Dan and DT, echo the above.

Well done to Dan and the team


P.S. Dose this mean you qualify for a Alex Ferguson watch now DT? :wink:

Well done to all of you.
Maybe DT for next England manager??? :smiley:

Or DT next in line to give Mr Bridge’s “ex” a seeing-to?

:devil: :devil:


team photo and sponsor were in last nights paper :smiley:


No prizes for guessing where MDT is :wink:

Well done guys and congrats on the trophies. Nice of that lady chef to sponsor the guys. How did she know abiut the team DT?

stood to her left in between her and Dan is her son. A few things aren’t mentioned in the article, the team already had a kit, a bit ragged but a kit, and were favourites to win the league before the sponsorship. The kit size should sort the boys out for the next five years at least, it’s a little on the large size for the boys, the entire kit fits Bec :lol: although she did look mighty fine it it :devil: The boys deserve all the credit, the listened to the four coaches, this summer we are playing in a league well above the talents of the boys and to me they are playing so much better. They are losing, but not once have they ever considered giving up, all putting the experience under the belts and improving every week. Can you tell I’m enjoying giving up my Saturday morning lie in?


Nice going guys
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nice guys