Consumer Rights

If a company takes money for a wrongly priced item, they’ve entered a contract for said item and by law I should receive it right?

Well if so, Tesco seem to be breaking this - At the weekend Left For Dead 2 was £15 so I snapped it up - Monday turns up, they cancel the order as it was priced wrong. No big deal.

However, it turns out when I looked at my bank statement that they took the £15 and then refunded it the same day.

Surely in taking the money they entered the contract and then broke it? The T+C on there site say that until it’s posted they have the right to cancel it, even AFTER payment but not according to this episode of Don’t Get Screwed.

Should I take it up with Tesco’s or just be glad I’ve got my cash back and a £2 online voucher?

What’s your time worth? Even if you are in legal right, is it worth fighting for?


I just had one with Tesco where I couldnt return a DS game because it was opened.

Trouble is they put the BOX on the shelves and add the game when you take it to the counter

One call from Trading standards and they refunded.

Left 4 Dead 2 - I think it might be fighting for lol

At least worth a few phone calls.

sure they would be covered by the O&E excepted bit normally at the bottom of the page in small print, anyway you will need to read the terms and conditions see if it states when an order is deemed as accepted…but as already said is it worth the hassel when you know that they probably won’t honour a misprice…well I take it it was a misprice.


There T+C state that the contract is when they send the item.

However as I saw on a TV program, British Contract law is when the item has been paid for. However I’m just wondering if it’s different for online stores.