Well, I thought I’d post this slightly edited version before someone elses posts the full image.


I’m guessing that’s not taken from the official bbc website :stuck_out_tongue:

a mate of mine showed me an email of that today.
controversial - yes
funny - very :smiley:

Not true, though. Whales are mammals, as I’m sure most of you know, and therefore breathe air. Taking it out of the water wouldn’t stop it breathing…

But can’t do it any favours… given it spends its whole life under water and how much less effort it takes to move underwater compaired to above the extra load on its organs probably did it…

Having said that

On Saturday evening, the whale rapidly became disoriented and distressed.

It was then that it was decided to put it down for its own welfare, said ZSL’s veterinary pathologist Dr Paul Jepson, who carried out the post-mortem tests.

“While I was drawing the lethal injection, she died,” he said.

Ether way… i think the item is amusing :slight_smile:

i dont think there was a need to kill the whale.

but the pic is finny :smiley: sorry funny*…my spelling these days.

no it’s a spoof site 8)

Taking it out of the water wouldn’t stop it breathing…

er, yes it would. could YOU breath with 7 tons pressing on your lungs when you are normally weightless (or nearly weightless in water) :slight_smile:

That’s more a result of the way they took it out of the water, rather than them taking it out of the water at all. The article definately seems to be worded in such a way as to indicate that being out of the water at all makes it impossible for a whale to breathe.

Aether don’t be so finicky about detail this is the comedy form after all. :slight_smile:
Extracting a whale from water and placing it on it’s tum would make it difficult for the whale as radar says, yes it would stop breathing after a number of hours of having sevral tonnes of it’s own body weight resting on it’s self.

GOt to love the article, a spoof it may be but i’m sure many people was thinking the same.

You mean rather than the same weight displaced in water !!!

more stress is put on a whale from deep sea diving, a whale can
swim down upto 7000 feet.

Unlike us humans there equivalent of a rib cage compresses and there
lungs also compress a great deal at deep depths.

Your rib cage would collapse under the sea’s pressure if you attempted to
go that deep.

/edit quick google… at 1 mtr depth there is 1 bar of pressure at 2000m
there is 197bar being excerted