Cordless DECT Phones

Despite having 3 of them in the house, and there’s only 2 of us atm, Mrs B insists on taking the one out of the study and never puts it back :mad:

Just had a call, spun out of my chair to try and find it and caught my 300Gig caddy drive firewire cable with the chair arm. Bang onto the floor. Looks like a gonner, bad sectors coming up all over the place. :realmad: :realmad: :realmad: And Mojos not far away too :frowning:

Gonna nail that bl00dy phone down with a big bu99er off chain. :realmad:

Thanks for that guys, feeling better now. :smiley:

ouch :frowning: nasty m8

… been thinking of getting some new phones and looked at the cordless DECT ones … they as good as the reviews say ?

Well they work well, nice and clear and its good to have internal as well.

Last for 3 days out of the charger. The only trouble is finding them :smiley:

:thumbsup: Think I’ll get those then … and 20ft of chain :smiley:

unlucky with the HD mate :frowning:

I’ve had digi cordless phones for years now, originally got a single radio band one that was awfull but great for Beck as when heavily pregnant simply carried the phone about. tbh though, that was awfull quality. Then another BT single did the job for a bit and routed a massive length phone cable to the PC room.

Now a twinset with internal - BUT Beck has learnt the diff between a normal ring and the internal, so calling her for coffee doesn’t work anymore :cry: :cry:


Yeah, be great when they implement the teleport function.


Love my digital phone…take it over the club with me so i dont miss those ‘important’ calls and chatting to the gf doesn’t interupt the drinking :smiley:

Not a great idea for those with teenage kids.

Its quite possible to sneak off with a cordless phone and run up a £350 phone bill calling all your mates on their mobiles.

i’m thinking of upgrading to one of these new ones with a cord on them to keep them near the phone socket/base… seem cheeper too :slight_smile: