CPDN and Memory

I have an unlocked Barton 2500+ @ 3200+ on an K7N2 Delta L. When I run it with Kingston ValueRam (2256 PC3200) I keep getting errors on CPDN, but nothing else (it is alot better though, i had to RMA my original pair back to Kingston, excellent customer service btw! :thumbsup: ). But when i run the kit with Kingston HyperX (2512 PC3200), I don’t get any errors. Aside from swapping the HyperX back into the kit, does anyone have any ideas what I can do to prevent these errors? Or does CPDN just not like cheaper memory?

I also have a so called cheap memory stick (selectra =samsung of some sort) and I had to crank the voltage up to 2,8v to get it stable in CPDN.

CPDN uses a lot of RAM, so will be a lot more likely to find any defects within the chips, thats good advice to try though, take the voltage up a notch and see.


I’ll give it a shot and see what happens.