CPDN "Classic" and VT Stats

Can the CPDN classic stats be made part of the VT’s?
No rush at the mo as I’m the only member crucnching CPDN outside of BOINC in the team…

Stats for TPR are here…

climateprediction.net Results by Group
As Of 10-Feb-2005 21:26:45 GMT
Group Information
Group Name 	Phoenix Rising
Group Type 	
Institution 	Distributed Computing Team
Group Admin 	drezha
Total Users 	0
Total Active Machines 	0
Total Model Years 	0
Total CPU Days 	0
Total Petacycles (10^15) 	0
Completed Full Runs 	0
Completed Short Runs 	0
Group Ranking 	999999 of 857

Top Group Members
Group Rank	Username	Machines	CPU Days	CPU PetaCycles	Model Years
1 	drezha 	0 	0 	0 	0

Looks like it might be hard to get data as you have to be logged in to see group ranks/posisition etc etc.

Um…no idea on cobblestone eqvilants etc…

I’ll carry on running this for a while and pass on the info as I carry on. :smiley:

Quite nice to crunch something no one else does! :cool:

:lol: I think you’ll find there is already a team that Bibby created donkeys years ago. I’ve still got my account details somewhere.


/found them

Team Phoenix Rising is ranked 210

BH, if there’s many more projects I’m going to have to invest in twin screns at home just to get the data displayed. :smiley:

No promises but let me know a good the URL for the CP classic stats. Preferably all on one long page rather than several.

Didn’t look for TEAM Phoenix Rising! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Phoenix Rising deleted…Me joined Phoenix Rising! :smiley: