How easy is it to make a little program/application that can run in the background and turn on a DC project if the current project finishes?

ie BOINC runs out of work and so Folding starts?

I’d like to make one…but want to know how really…

A batch file wouldn’t work would it?

I could in theory modify the lifemapper driver code to do such a thing…

I’d just set the core priorities to sort it out though :slight_smile:



I mean if the CPU useage drops below a threshold (say 85%) (probably meaning a DC project has finished all work) then this program starts up another DC project.

that way little work time is wasted. means I spend less time trying to get more work for BOINC :stuck_out_tongue:

it has to be timed - if a project is switching then the cpu drops to zero - you’ll do well to spot it on task manager, but from the work I did with lifemapper driver it does :slight_smile:

I honestly don’t think it would be worth my time to make, once Folding hits Boinc, if they retain the “level of service” they do on the current project mechanisms, you’ll not have a problem :slight_smile:


well I should hope so…

dont want to run out of work…