CPU Fan bites the dust

Ok… so in the middle of my fighting my first battle with some new browser hijacker (thanks for the security M$)… my computer shuts down and wont re-power on :mad:. Thought hits me that the box has been noisier lately. Open the case and tinker around and the box finally fires up… but the CPU fan is barely turning (AMD 3000+ 754pin). The local backwoods part shop located in the dentists office is already closed :confused:. Look thru the junk pile and find nothing… then remember there is a AMD 1400 box running SETI under the desk. The fan is smaller but with the ingenoius idea :idea: of running wire through the mounting holes :shrug: it is securely fasted to the 3000+.

Will this work and if not how long till she blows? :chuckle: :glug:

LOL If it works now it’ll work for a long time. Check your temps with MBM or something similar. Better of course to replace it with a new fan of the correct size or bigger.

Nothing like drunk redneck ingenuity huh?? Figure the old fans been laying down for a few weeks. At the rate the old fan was turning there was no output at all I could feel, but the new old one I can actually feel a nice breeze from. But I am gonna pick up a new fan as soon a possible because the old 1400+ was a reliable but slow SETI box.

The fan is in stress though… can hear a noticable RPM fluctuation at all times :smiley: