Crypto Cashout

Thought a new thread would be better than tacking on the end of the folding one.

With ETH hitting over 4k USD earlier this week, I sold off most of what I had. It wasn’t that much at less than 1 ETH but with the high value… it adds up. A good part of that just went onto a new gaming laptop, Lenovo Legion 5800H + 3070 so that’ll be fun to play with once it arrives.

I first saw it on ebuyer yesterday but it went out of stock quickly. OCUK had it at same price in stock so I ordered it from there. I understand the company is under different management these days, and has been for some years. My old account didn’t work so I had to make a new one.

Due to the gaming laptop chips actually giving the same mining results or within a very close percentage, many of them are going out of stock really quick.

I think nvidia made all laptop manufacturers list the W power being given to the card as a reference point to what speeds where comparable to a desktop. I know on the 3070 laptop I had use of for a bit, 110W from the wall for 60MH/s was mighty, £1800 for the laptop though so mega ROI.

I’m sat writing this on the first pre-built machine I’ve brought since university! Only way to get a 3070 desktop, but I’m pretty pleased I did. I’ve sold portions of my Eth to help with the new miner work machine so evens on expenditure but still hold a car purchase worth of Eth :smiley:

I’ve also gone back to AMD - I went with an ebuyer machine this is pretty nice rig. AlphaSync RTX 3070 AMD Ryzen 7 16GB RAM 1TB HDD 500GB SSD Gaming Desktop PC |

Given time though, the fans will be replaced or investigated to see if they are addressable RGB as the lighting is a little much.


My best gaming desktop is now 11700k, 32GB ram, 3070 (which I manged to buy by itself from store not scalper). Yesterday I suffered an imploding Win10 install while fitting a 980 Pro 2TB so that’s now running with a fresh new install. Since it drives a 4k120 TV, I really want a 3080 but they’re still unobtainium. I know others who have resorted to buying a prebuild as the only way to get a current gen GPU at reasonable cost and timescale.

It will be interesting to see how the laptop compares to that when it arrives, as the 5800H isn’t that far off. The 3070 seems to be rated at 130W, which compares to 220W of the desktop version. However I run my desktop 3070 at the card’s minimum 41% power limit for mining.

See what happens, I think the crypto market has one last push in it before it heads properly south.
I don’t think its quite done yet.


I’m still mining on the most efficient GPUs only. How motivated I am is directly related to the paper income, and secondarily how hot it gets in my house. Since they are my gaming systems, I already have to stop part when I game.

If I didn’t say already, I’m not intending to be a long term holder. At some point you have to convert it. More by chance than any skill on my part I happened to sell most of my ETH while it was close to the peak.

I dumped my ETH a few months back ( about 14 ETH ) and shifted it into XRP.
Just waiting for the last bull run now.


Bitcoin setback in Malaysia

any spare bitcoins down the back of the sofa ?