Cuddle thread (compulsory)

OK, I’ve been working too hard recently and have slacked on the :cuddle: front. I am sorry for this as when I am away you all start bloody arguing and doing pram acrobatics:D
Lets all have a long time sexyboy :cuddle: (no tongues Mincer) and stop pressing the self destruct button.

I am a great believer in Chaos Theory …
This place is so great most of the time that occassionaly we all go nuts and start acting daft arguing about silly non existent problems (done it meself and felt stupid several times) It’s hard to deal with things being good for too long, we actually thrive on challenges or confrontation.

I propose a dummy spiiting contest be held at the next Cantina meet, followed by musical prams and rounded off with a game of hammer the tail onto the mod with a six inch nail.

Cor !! musical prams seems a good idea … as long as it’s not a bring yer own jobby. sadly mine is in a terrible state after landing 200 yards down the road :rolleyes: Although the good thing is, as it clattered off Mrs Ploppy’s roof (number 32) she suddenly found she wasn’t constipated any longer :eek:

I will attempt the nail hammering only if I can use my forehead as the hammer :flip:

You bang away bud :wink:

Mind if I join you ?

lol m8, care to share a 6" nail or two ? :smiley:

…it’s what happens when you miss the nail that worries me…:stuck_out_tongue:

If i were a mod i’d be worried about if they miss the tail :moon: :smash: :eek: :censored:



/gets in queue for big, needed cuddle… but easy on the custard m8 :eek:

:cuddle: for ridds who is joint favourite in the upcoming dummy throwing contest:D

Originally posted by SPEEDYJ
:cuddle: for ridds who is joint favourite in the upcoming dummy throwing contest:D
:cry: :stuck_out_tongue:

:cuddle: That’s nice, I’m feeling better already. :slight_smile:

:cuddle: its OK I suppose :slight_smile:
Are you SURE thats Custard ???:Poke:

Sicknote appologising for cracking under extreme pain and

After a large dose of painkillers, a long nap to try and relieve
the swelling and pain, and checking on my daughter after we spent thursday night/friday morning at A&E, where she had a
lumberpuncture and loads of Blood tests, I have calmed it a bit.

Sorry for spitting out my dummy a couple of inchs, well, I couldn’t
throw a feather if I wanted to :frowning:

SpeedyJ :cuddle: required here with buckets of custard :cry:

cuddles all round

when hell freezes over :stuck_out_tongue:

Originally posted by LUC1FER
[B]cuddles all round

when hell freezes over :stuck_out_tongue: [/B]

Well, your here, so I guess it already has.

In which case, what the hell (:lol: ), bring it on SPEEDYJ:scared: :chuckle: :cuddle:

Originally posted by dalethfc

SpeedyJ :cuddle: required here with buckets of custard :cry: [/B]

:cuddle: for Dale, lets remember he’s been through hell recently guys and gals.

As calm decends on TPR, SPEEDY lies back in his custard bath a happy little cuddler :slight_smile:

Stout Fellow Dale says I.
Chin up m8.