@ curly99 re: news spreadsheet

I have just finnished the teams part of the spreadsheet and would email it to you so you can have a look see, but forgot ya email !

anyway when you get it…

go to week2 sheet and click the export to week1 button

now while in week2 sheet click into the data area ( cell c4 for example)

now go to the data menu and click refresh data

this will download and update the latest stats into week2 sheet.

results are shown in the “teams top 10” sheets

while in that sheet press the “update output” button

and thats it… I could just put in one button to do the lot but i like to do it stage by stage.

ohh and you will need to set your excel security to medium.

when you open the sheet say yes to macros

here it is

Cheers Dezzyboy :slight_smile:

/me goes off to have a play

Thanks, Curly