custom car lighting

a friend recently commented that she wanted blue neon under her car. well, i have this car on loan for a week while she’s on holiday.
i’m ok with electrics, but never messed with car electrics so i need advice…

these additional lights, can i hook them directly to a splice in the side light cabling or will they draw too much power?
should i put in an additional power draw from the battery via the fuse box (and fuse it)?
anyone know where to get this stuff near swansea?

there is a few places around…keith, there is Halfords…but theyd charge a bit and there is a place down uplands…dont know how to explain where… but if you go past the YMCA towards mumbles way as you go up you hit a set of trafic lights…turn right at the lights and then up the road. take a left turning and its next to a bong shop !! :lol: its there :wink:

Extras like that should always be on a seperate power run. If there is a problem, you don’t want to lose everything. They should also be on a seperate switch for when you may not want them on.

In the states, there are few places where they are legal on the street. Something else to look into and a good reason to have them switched. I can’t remember who said it but there is a quote that goes something like “Never assume that the laws you grew up with are universal. It’s a good way to be wrong with confidence”.

It is iligal to drive with them on in the UK AFAIK, so they would have to be seperatly switched.