Cyrillic File names and ID3 Tags

Got some Russian music on my PC. It’s not to bad stuff :wink:

Anyhow, some of it is named in cyrillic and shows up fine in Winamp and on my machine. Even shows up nicely on my Creative Zen.

However a different album doesn’t work really at all! Filenames work, tags work in Winamp but doesn’t work in windows and it doesn’t work on my MP3 player either. It shows up as all ???:frowning:

Anyone got ideas why and how I can change it?

No idea. The only time I’ve had that situation is with Internet Explorer. Might be worth downloading different language forms via Microsoft Update, additional downloads and see if that works. They may use the same language file for displaying Cyrillic

Download one of the free MP3 tag editors and change it to something more acceptable

I changed it with Musicbrianz Picard which I’ve been using for non-cyrillic files fine.

In the end I sorted it by using the ID3 tag editor in Vista.

It was a problem with encoding formats. It appears Windows (obviously) and my MP3 player, use the Windows encoding WIN-1251 for Cyrillic. Or something like that. And what it was saved it was a different encoding. Not fully aware of what it is. Just know I know have it so Windows shows it fine, Winamp shows it fine and my MP3 does to so ATM, I’m happy.