D.D's Daddy CiderMod.....

is going to be a dad again !


Congrats Dezy…no stopping you now :wink: :slight_smile:


Congrats Dezy :funknana:

Now get on msn and talk to me, it’s been way too long :Poke:

Congrat’s Dezy…maybe you should tie a knot in it :wink:

Tie A knot … well after the baby is born i am sure i will :wink:

This was planned but WAY sooner than we expected… it was spose to go somthing like this…

1)give her a diamond ring
2)sell flat and buy house
4)have baby

trouble was we wanted it all without too much delay, so as it can take up to a year after a woman comes off the pill to be fertile…

do you see the flaw in the plan ? don’t get me wrong , it’s all good just not the order we thought :smiley:

@ Hids … will do

many congrats to you Dezy :thumbsup: