"Dads Day Out" - TopGear track in aid of TheChildrensTrust

I’ve got my ticket for entry, not as part of the 4x4 club this year but this is kind of a reccie.

Anyone else tempted for £20 a blast round in a supercar? If you are, see you there :smiley:


Might well be tempted by this although from the look of it its a ‘specifically designed circuit’. Unlikely to be the Top Gear configuration which would have been great to try.

I’ll talk to Fran.


Social Secretary says were free.
Chancellor (same person) says yes.
Admin Assistant (same person) will be booking it. :chuckle:

See you there :slight_smile:


Accounts Dept (same person) says we’re booked.

I’m having a bash round in our MGF at 12:00. Fran’s having a trip in the F40 at 3:00.

excellent stuff, we’ll see you there. We’ve not booked any time on the track, more interested in the helicopter flights, but we’ve got to wait until they are confirmed to be operational. One of the main reason, Michael wanted some varied shots to try with the new camera, this’ll give him plenty :slight_smile: If the helicopters don’t go ahead, then it’ll be light aircraft at Abingdon 4x4.


Great. Yes, should be some good photos to be had :slight_smile:


cheers, see you there later on :slight_smile:


Unfortunately due to flakey phone reception we didn’t manage to meet up with DT. Good day though with a fair bit going on; Laps round the circuit in some very nice machinery, Helicopter rides, Idiots doing high jumps on bikes and a few other displays.
The weather was a tad grey and dismal though. Thank heavens for lightroom / photoshop :wink:

Here’s Fran having her neck muscles tested in a Ferrari

The idiots at play

A happy lady in an Atom

and a few other shots of the machinery

Oh - and they weren’t doing the typically slow parade style passenger laps :chuckle:

some excellent pictures, looks like it was a god day out.

teehee, we saw that slide as well :slight_smile: The Lambo doing the 360 as it went out onto the track was the best, he tried really hard to make it look like he meant it :lol:

Some great shots there, I just let the kids loose with the camera and the originals are http://www.hathaways.me.uk/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=14 Haven’t done a thing to the images and shows how the reviews of this camera were spot on with the noise levels at higher ISO settings. The videos of the boys in those inflatable sumo type things will get uploaded once my internet is ‘trained’ first day on adsl2 :smiley:

A real shame that the weather was so grey though and we missed each other, but still a great couple of hours out. Only just realised how much Michael must have enjoyed the bikes, he’s took loads of pics of them !


That camera certainly performs :slight_smile:
Here’s quite an extreme crop of one of Michael’s shots with a touch of adjustment.
I’m sure the raw file would come up much crisper.

[QUOTE=The Balrog;452984]That camera certainly performs :slight_smile:
Here’s quite an extreme crop of one of Michael’s shots with a touch of adjustment.
I’m sure the raw file would come up much crisper.


I also started playing with some of those shots, he had the camera set to .jpg output, so no RAW to play with. We’ll learn the more we play :slight_smile: Some of the shots are quite disappointing as there must have been some rain on the lens :frowning: Unfortunately for Daniel, they were all his shots :cry:


I think it’s done well. The lighting fooled it, but then it would most auto P&S cameras, I’d have been metering manually for a shot against that sky. And then having taken many many photos of these guys in action at local motocross meets, I know just how fast they are moving.

Exhibits A & B, one of the other shots on better lighting conditions and a rather large enlargement of a small area. The retained detail under that magnification is quite impressive, especially for a JPG. And the noise is tolerable IMHO.

6MP JPG, manual metering and (pre)focus, better lighting conditions, ISO 200, 1/500th @ F9.5 on a 300mm Gary doing his thing at Ollerton. Or these two guys, who i don’t know from adam, same settings and meeting. How they didn’t collide mid-air I’ll never know.

Persevere, it can be done :slight_smile:

nice :slight_smile: cheers Mojo :cheers: That was one of Daniels goes and he’ll be happy he can use the camera in p&s mode.

Now for the nice part, a real nice soundtrack on this video to show that when TopGear did the theme in engine noise it really was possible!!

Michael took the video, camera hand-held and some of the wobbling was me trying to get him to come and watch the nutters on the bikes :lol: I think I’ve got to get an easier to setup tripod, mines a bit clunky :frowning: Does anyone rate the gorillapods in ‘real’ use and not just the gadget show?


Gorillapods are good for static shots in cranky locations but you can’t pan with them. I use one for a remote strobe underwater :chuckle:

Try a monopod - light, easy to carry and to set up. You can get a cheap one for around a tenner. Have a flick around fleabay as a primer.
Some have ball heads, some don’t but I’m not entirely convinced they are always useful. Some have a foot rest which can be handy.