Daily Seti Flame 10th October 09

10 October 2009

09-Oct-2009 15:42 (server time)

New Recruits
None today :frowning:

No leavers :slight_smile:

Daily Big Hitters

 1 mr.kjellen                                56414
 2 Mortlake                                  24344
 3 Andy Williams                             20684
 4 M.D. Petermeier                           12983
 5 WORMSS                                     7467
 6 P51 Mustang                                7243
 7 Charlie1                                   5923
 8 Sgt Bilko                                  5566
 9 The Dirts                                  4421
10 TPR_Mojo                                   4391

Rolling Week Big Hitters

 1 mr.kjellen                               477051
 2 Mortlake                                 211313
 3 Andy Williams                            156865
 4 M.D. Petermeier                          117213
 5 P51 Mustang                               73480
 6 WORMSS                                    53123
 7 Mr_SeeD                                   49772
 8 TPR_Mojo                                  48574
 9 Charlie1                                  48195
10 Burlsey                                   42926

Premier League

Division 1
Zylas moves up 1 place to 11th stomping VK7FGMH

Division 2
gerv moves up 1 place to 5th stomping Victor Lawrence
Paul Gysen moves up 2 places to 45th stomping The Banana Bar Stomper and Six Feet Under

Division 3
Brooklyn74 moves up 1 place to 16th stomping Milos Petrovic
june moves up 1 place to 28th stomping 38911-BASIC

Division 4

Division 5

Division 6

Hello to all here at Team Phoenix Rising ! I am Kenny, from Hannibal, Mo. USA.
Screen name BADWOLFBAY. At this time I am crunching SETI@HOME and SETI@HOME enhanced Beta, for which there has been little work lately. Keeping busy, so far, with SETI@HOME. Was with another team for about a year, had a parting of the ways, hoping to have found a new home here with you guys. Thanks !

Why is not my Sig. showing? It is saved and shows properly in the user cp area?

i try again…

OK, please help …

Thanks for the news as usual Curly99 - you perform a sterling service for us all :trophy:
Welcome to the team BADWOLFBAY - sig looks OK to me now - Fixed ??

Thank you for the welcome sir.
I don’t know Mortlake, let’s see…

Looks ok to me, too. I saved it again, show sig is checked here, if it’s not showing now maybe something’s wrong here at the forum site… here goes nuthin…

I give up… help !!!

Can you see any Sigs at all ? can you see mine ?? if not go to User cp - Settings and options/edit options -thread display options - and make sure that the show signatures and images boxes are both ticked .

everything looks fine to me, welcome to the forums :wave:

I take it you’re a Dr Who fan then :smiley:


Welcome aboard BADWOLFBAY, sig looking good for me, try refreshing the page (press F5)


[QUOTE=DoubleTop;445555]everything looks fine to me, welcome to the forums :wave:

I take it you’re a Dr Who fan then :smiley:


Hello DoubleTop and thanks for the welcome. I know everything looks right, but I’m getting no sig. and pressing f5 doesn’t help.
Yes, Dr. Who, you are only the second person who has ever guessed my screen name, good going my friend.
I dunno, maybe I’ll wear my red socks tomorrow, see if that help my sig. issue. One never knows !! :sigh: