Daily Seti Flame 1st July 09

01 July 2009

30-Jun-2009 16:20 (server time)

New Recruits
None today :frowning:

We say goodbye to Scientific Frontline

Daily Big Hitters

 1 Andy Williams                             77482
 2 mr.kjellen                                34800
 3 Mortlake                                  16601
 4 M.D. Petermeier                           16323
 5 www.ledconversions.co.uk                  11372
 6 Sgt Bilko                                 11002
 7 P51 Mustang                                7241
 8 Islander                                   5510
 9 Charlie1                                   5494
10 The Fiend                                  4186

Rolling Week Big Hitters

 1 Andy Williams                            579239
 2 VK7FGMH                                  479798
 3 mr.kjellen                               211359
 4 Mortlake                                 106460
 5 M.D. Petermeier                           89613
 6 P51 Mustang                               57447
 7 Sgt Bilko                                 56970
 8 www.ledconversions.co.uk                  53544
 9 The Fiend                                 30697
10 Charlie1                                  29691

Premier League
Islander moves up 1 place to 28th stomping Michelle Susan Knight

Division 1
putty_thing moves up 1 place to 45th stomping sirgaz

Division 2

Division 3
Quaz moves up 1 place to 30th stomping Andrew Watt
Daniel Kring moves up 1 place to 38th stomping Andrew

Division 4
Paul Gysen moves up 1 place to 2nd stomping John Le Roy
Louis C. LaCour, Jr. moves up 2 places to 18th stomping Seti-NorthWestUSA.com and Gerald Saunders
Badliltexan moves up 2 places to 30th stomping Harry and Big Six

Division 5

Division 6
kristina moves up 33 places to 5th stomping Phoenix714, Geophite, BeachRock, Don Farry, Alta, Burlsey, NightWlf, OgrePete, Exsilon, Chuck Lasher, Padowan, Koolaid K. Kitten, Wellington Views, mmj_uk, Len LE/GE, T-Bag, billy, Speedo, Sean, James J Lee, capitolq, nigel, ONYXWOLF, Billy_Grunow, BarryandNita, curufin, Caroline, angelicosis, KristinaLynne, Sheika, noswad, anthony Petrone and sgs1311
sgs1311 moves up 13 places to 6th stomping Geophite, Alta, OgrePete, Koolaid K. Kitten, Len LE/GE, billy, Speedo, Sean, James J Lee, capitolq, ONYXWOLF, curufin and anthony Petrone
Yashi moves up 5 places to 113th stomping riddlermarc (lil), Dennis Smith, Petegasman, ivan and Oriyja

thanks for covering the news, was @ hospital yesterday…looks like a new shoulder is on the way :slight_smile:


You’ve got more new parts fitted than my wifes renault… lol


Curly : when you close one eye does the other go BING-BING-BING-BING ?

Just wondering if you are worth $6,000,000 yet

No problem covering the news again. I’m still trying to get everything connected back up and working (computers and home theater system) after moving everything out to get the carpeting replaced. Got the internet connection back up and working though. Just busy with everything else.