Daily Seti Flame 22/03/2007

22 March 2007

21-Mar-2007 13:43 39.2M (server time and XML size)

New Recruits

None :slight_smile:

Daily Big Hitters

 1 Burlsey                                   16482
 2 mr.kjellen                                14684
 3 DoubleTop                                 10740
 4 Sgt Bilko                                  6043
 5 www.dougaldesign.co.uk                     3478
 6 Tim                                        3378
 7 Kenn Hutchins                              2884
 8 wheelieslug                                2846
 9 Egad Ivegoninsane                          1831
10 Charlie1                                   1727

Rolling Week Big Hitters

 1 Burlsey                                  109969
 2 mr.kjellen                                84385
 3 DoubleTop                                 57958
 4 Sgt Bilko                                 33000
 5 Tim                                       18052
 6 wheelieslug                               16720
 7 Kenn Hutchins                             15999
 8 MickeyC                                   11976
 9 Charlie1                                  10828
10 active32                                  10303

Premier League

Division 1
wheelieslug moves up 1 place to 29th stomping Mr_SeeD
Fleshwound moves up 1 place to 46th stomping Micro7

Division 2
neopac moves up 2 places to 6th stomping Ares and DaRkMaN
Brian Leahy moves up 1 place to 38th stomping phees
38911-BASIC moves up 1 place to 48th stomping Mis-Magic

Division 3
Natu Visu moves up 1 place to 11th stomping Paul Day
Milos Petrovic moves up 1 place to 14th stomping rolandsea
AndyLamb+Scotishbird moves up 2 places to 16th stomping War_Pig and DannagE
Bigsheff1 moves up 2 places to 25th stomping The Dirts and Sean Monteverdi
Six Feet Under moves up 1 place to 35th stomping Spacey
bo_leggs moves up 1 place to 47th stomping FukusukeMix

Division 4
Rich moves up 1 place to 23rd stomping Mick

Division 5

Division 6
gerv moves up 3 places to 34th stomping Lost It, bagent and Sherie

thanks m8y :slight_smile:
Bigsheff get back :wink:

now what would i want to do that for!!!

Looking at the amount to do that i’ll catch when Hell Freezes Over!!! :kickbum:

Thanks P51 :trophy: :trophy: :tiphat:

Call that a stomp? Got a chain on the bike you peddle to power those things Sheffy? :smiley:

P’raps you should upgrade from a ZX80 and a Speccy? - No! Wait! Get some Wheels! :rotate:

yes :woot:

slightly assisted by having a day with no internet - but finally broke the 10K a day :lol:



Thanks for the update. :cheers:

Thanks for the report P51! :slight_smile:

Thanks P51!