Daily Seti Flame 4th Feb 09

04 February 2009

03-Feb-2009 15:14 (server time)

New Recruits
None today :frowning:

No leavers :slight_smile:

Daily Big Hitters

 1 JUGGY                                     31036
 2 Andy Williams                             29888
 3 mr.kjellen                                28097
 4 placidsheep                               19538
 5 Gandelf                                   15932
 6 P51 Mustang                               15803
 7 M.D. Petermeier                            9353
 8 RealPhenom                                 8704
 9 TPR_Mojo                                   7582
10 Sgt Bilko                                  5409

Rolling Week Big Hitters

 1 mr.kjellen                               367253
 2 JUGGY                                    347957
 3 Andy Williams                            342071
 4 Gandelf                                  233162
 5 placidsheep                              163059
 6 P51 Mustang                              157094
 7 RealPhenom                               100829
 8 M.D. Petermeier                           76808
 9 Sgt Bilko                                 65438
10 The Fiend                                 60784

Premier League
placidsheep moves up 1 place to 31st stomping Islander

Division 1

Division 2
Allen Goodchild moves up 1 place to 49th stomping jimchee

Division 3
Paul Good moves up 2 places to 13th stomping phantomorrin and somanvx

Division 4
Bullseye moves up 1 place to 17th stomping The Dirts
ET_Seeker moves up 3 places to 20th stomping The Brotherhood, Storm PCs and Fox_bat

Division 5

Division 6
Noel moves up 2 places to 59th stomping Ludovixxx and drezha
Jerry moves up 11 places to 66th stomping rangi, Cow Biscuit, bagent, Lost It, Sherie, Griff, Angela, Ethan Miller, PRAD, Mark and hofferbp

Thanks for the news :tiphat:

What’s the best site to look at for team position and stats?

http://boincstats.com/ or straight to the team stats http://boincstats.com/stats/user_stats.php?pr=sah&st=0&ti=30198

We lost RealPhenom last nite :frowning:

Apparently he didn’t like Heidi telling him to chill out over the AP units. His response was that crunching was a waste of time and “I quit”.

I will apologize to the team but not RPh.
I truly thought there had been humor in my first comment and did congratulate him on his success.

Dear RealPhenom,
Take some anti depressants (~smiles~) and stop worrying so much about AP unites. You’re still moving up nicely. It’s just moments of life, all things do pass dear one and no one will think less of you because lower output, and there still is no Nobel Peace Prize for crunching. BTW nice stomp on me the other day.

Frankly he did go on about it every day, when nothing can be done about it.
Most of us would be happy to have still produced as much.

It was a loss, but he should have learned more about trying to walk on me because of being female. He let them hang out… and I kicked them back in place.

He had made a few comments that now has been edited or removed that was uncalled for.

Yet I will be more then happy to welcome him back… but I will not apologize.

Sorry TPR for standing up, and causing a great cruncher to walk.

Personally, I don’t see it as a big loss. I don’t know if he looked at my other post, but it looks like they have decided to revamp the AP project.

But yea whining about no AP units everday was wearing thin with me. I pointed him to the links to get MB and CUDA working together to maximize his production but still only heard about no AP units.

Cheers again, got what I was looking for from the bonicstats. Wanted to know how we were doing against our nearest rivals. Taken a bit of a hit with RP leaving, but his choice…

Team members come and go… it is a fact of life…

I better Stop FAH Gpu after its does this unit and put it back to seti cuda. I dont want jerry to stomp me :L

oh yes I agree he did annoy slightly with the constant moaning… oh well :frowning: shame he couldnt just sit it out :slight_smile:

I aded some rigs to make up for the loss… ill keep adding them as the days go by :slight_smile:

Did I hear right… you are getting married… Oh man another one bites the dust.

So do we get photo’s of the victor.

Here you go Heidi http://forums.teamphoenixrising.net/showthread.php?t=48567&page=6 Look at post #103

Did I hear right… you are getting married… Oh man another one bites the dust.

Yep…another one bites the dust.

Flying out to Thailand on March 9th, and plan on staying 4 weeks while we get married and apply for a visa for her to come and live with me in the UK… My crunchers will be down again!:sigh:

Cheers for the news Mustang. SHould be interesting to see what happens now that I’ve uprated my CPUs.

4 cores running at 2.9ghz stock. Won’t keep Heidi at bay for long, but should increase the RAC a bit :smiley:

Droid are you running optimized ?

No just standard. Can’t be fussed with all the tinkering. :smiley: Gives me enough to keep my stats ticking over.

prams, toy, dummy, spat, etc, etc, etc

It’s easy when you start to put in a lot of effort and get too commited to a cause. The only way things like AP project will get sorted is by putting money where your mouth is and donating to Seti. With the newer increases in amount of data that can be processed with the machines on hand, they need back-end donations, not money spent on special crunching machines for points.


Thanks for the news guys, shame RP has left but as has already been said, team members come and go:shrug:

Sorry about the response I gave to Heidi. I was just being sarcastic. Her statements didn’t seem to be appropriate for a site full of crunchers. I guess she’s in it for reasons other than crunching. I’m only in it for the points/performance. Everybody has their reasons for crunching and people should not make the mistake of thinking their reasons are (or should be) the same.

I’ve been very busy and I don’t know when I will be crunching again, but I will. I’m not very interested at the moment though. Until I can fully utilize my system I won’t crunch much except to test.

I’m thinking of running water cooling and doing some mods. I mostly just like to play with hardware and I was not happy with the performance I was getting. I’m gonna make some changes.


Shame on you for thinking you have more power than you do.:nono: Nobody can make me do anything. I do as I wish, always.:smiley: We don’t know each other. That’s as it should be. It is interesting to me that you took a shot at my sense of humor though. Everything I do is for fun. Don’t take this stuff so seriously.:kisskiss:

To All:

Some of you made some comments that are borderline nasty. That’s ok though, I forgive you.(especially if you don’t want to be forgiven…):smiley:

Everything comes and goes…