Daily Seti Flame 4th March 2010

04 March 2010

03-Mar-2010 15:34 (server time)

New Recruits

No leavers :slight_smile:

Daily Big Hitters

 1 mr.kjellen                               329050
 2 M.D. Petermeier                           81974
 3 P51 Mustang                               37483
 4 Sgt Bilko                                 35259
 5 Andy Williams                             27316
 6 morpheus                                  16699
 7 andyu                                     15548
 8 www.ledconversions.co.uk                  15418
 9 Steve Harthon                             13950
10 geckogod2                                 11053

Rolling Week Big Hitters

 1 mr.kjellen                               873984
 2 M.D. Petermeier                          221222
 3 P51 Mustang                              114288
 4 Sgt Bilko                                 95915
 5 Andy Williams                             58595
 6 Charlie1                                  58544
 7 andyu                                     55325
 8 www.ledconversions.co.uk                  42340
 9 geckogod2                                 38786
10 Steve Harthon                             38535

Premier League

Division 1
alpha7 moves up 1 place to 8th stomping Cloudhunter
Margaret Halliwell moves up 1 place to 10th stomping jason fisher
Steve Harthon moves up 1 place to 22nd stomping CelticSkyhawk
Ulysses moves up 1 place to 29th stomping Allen Goodchild
Damski moves up 1 place to 30th stomping Allen Goodchild
Paul Good moves up 1 place to 50th stomping roguebfl

Division 2
gerv moves up 1 place to 4th stomping Guinfan
Brooklyn74 moves up 1 place to 6th stomping Piet
Alchemiste moves up 2 places to 7th stomping Stomping Boyos and Piet
Milos Petrovic moves up 6 places to 16th stomping ghost, phantomorrin, TPR-MarkONE, Master of Puppets, paul greer and Invaluable
Don Farry moves up 2 places to 29th stomping Razinhell and Mis-Magic
Dan moves up 2 places to 34th stomping spirit_of_the_sixties and Therese B.

Division 3
Michael Roberts moves up 1 place to 2nd stomping The Banana Bar Stomper
Paul Massey moves up 3 places to 8th stomping ike, Micro7 and pgresz
pgresz moves up 1 place to 10th stomping ike
Rika moves up 1 place to 15th stomping jalagon
Rich moves up 2 places to 21st stomping Phlame and SX2800-1
Aero moves up 1 place to 33rd stomping Fatterbob

Division 4
Patfan73 moves up 1 place to 14th stomping Colin Baker
christine moves up 1 place to 38th stomping Spacey

Division 5

Division 6
kevdt67 moves up 7 places to 28th stomping Phoenix714, BeachRock, Exsilon, StalwartUK, BarryandNita, angelicosis and KristinaLynne
Billy_Grunow moves up 4 places to 35th stomping Burlsey, nigel, BarryandNita and Caroline
Premraj Gill moves up 31 places to 53rd stomping fatteraj, bgl2, Swansea_Stompers, Cow Biscuit, bagent, Jennifer Michelle, kuede, Ludovixxx, Lost It, Sherie, HairyMonster, drezha, Mithos, Griff, Xeonzinc, Wisperingshadows, whale, Robert Bressi, Jaerik, Angela, Fibers, Ethan Miller, PRAD, Tracy, Mark, EddyD, hofferbp, Alchemist, Tsui, MattVenaas and Don

Thanks for the news!