Damn Salesman

went in to pay a deposit on a new sportshatch (£18k) and came away with a new Astra Coupe (£12.5k) in Bright Orange…



:eek: Bright Orange. Thought Mrs B’s MG was bad enough :smiley:

Take it the other half was with you and she fell in love with it! Bit off advice… never take a woman with you to look at cars :smiley:

Got it in 1 :-), however as it was 6k less than the one we went in to look at, who am I to argue.

6k on a little tweaking then, even better :smiley:

she doesnt do tweaking/mods/washing/input of fluids(!) ect

Just think how many nice little diskless crunchers you can get for 6K!

need to make a few belt trimmings, new baby in 3-5 weeks