Advance warning for you in Seti - your :moon: is mine in a few day unless you kick up production :smiley: :stomp:


Come on - only fighting one machine :devil: (unless you put up a fight) :catfight:


I havent run any dc in months, I may have to to stop myself from being stomped… now where’s all the stuff I need to get going again?

run Damski RUN !!!


Be quick though - only a few thousand in it you slacker :Poke:


ok, one machine at it, might slow you down depending on what it is your crunching on… I may have to drag in a few reserves

only on a couple of servers, and the second one is a bit lazy at the moment with Seti, seems to have enjoyed stomping Drezha @SIMAP :lol:


Oh yeah rub it in…
TBH my serious attempts at crunching at beginning to slow down for the summer…

I’ll have my main rig at home on as often as possible but media center will be turned off in storage before I move into the new house…laptop doesn’t really count :stuck_out_tongue: