there was a re-arranged game tonight, as the club we were playing had a specials night tomorrow…

so, I play as normal, dra the county player - win the first leg :woot: lost the second, kick up two gears and win the third leaving opponent with 278 left and apparently knocking out a 501 in 17 darts :smiley: Most happy as that means me in front in the internal team cup for 100+ throws…

What I didn’t know was that there was an opening to play on tomorrows celeb night, it would seem my name is down now to play none other than

Phil Taylor !!!

I’d best sober up and kick the hangover in the morning pretty darn quick - flipping good job I’m off work tomorrow !!!


Just unplug him from the mains and he won’t have no POWER :slight_smile:

holy smokes ur gonna get hurt good luck man, remember the rubber gloves

  • BDO World Championship
    o 1990: Phil Taylor beat Eric Bristow 6-1
    o 1992: Phil Taylor beat Mike Gregory 6-5
    • PDC World Championship
      o 1994: Dennis Priestley beat Phil Taylor 6-1
      o 1995: Phil Taylor beat Rod Harrington 6-2
      o 1996: Phil Taylor beat Dennis Priestley 6-4
      o 1997: Phil Taylor beat Dennis Priestley 6-3
      o 1998: Phil Taylor beat Dennis Priestley 6-0
      o 1999: Phil Taylor beat Peter Manley 6-2
      o 2000: Phil Taylor beat Dennis Priestley 7-3
      o 2001: Phil Taylor beat John Part 7-0
      o 2002: Phil Taylor beat Peter Manley 7-0
      o 2003: John Part beat Phil Taylor 7-6
      o 2004: Phil Taylor beat Kevin Painter 7-6
      o 2005: Phil Taylor beat Mark Dudbridge 7-4
      o 2006: Phil Taylor beat Peter Manley 7-0
      o 2007: Raymond van Barneveld beat Phil Taylor 7-6

2007 : Phill Taylor vs TPR’s Doubletop

Whoop his butt DT :smiley:

You can beat him DT!

Good luck DT !! :cool:

Having seen DT at MOJOs after a few :drink:anything is possible

I still remember the game a few of us had where we had to get each of the numbers in turn.

DT got there while we were 1/2 way though and still won :whiteflag:

Do not under estimate the force…

Good luck DT :smiley:

Best of luck DT

I still remember the beating my Uni darts team got when we went to play Dennis Priestley - only 1 member got below 3 figures and nobody had a chance to finish…

And that was before he was good :wink:

Hectic man, he sounds good;)

Best of luck to you mate:cheers:

Best of luck :slight_smile:

flipping gutted, what the drunk bloke last night didn’t tell me that my name was in a hat to play against him :cry:

I’d have done a lot better than those who were drawn, I threw two 180’s in the practice before he arrived and was simply outplaying everyone :slight_smile:

Still, I have a photo of me, sat next to the POWER, in my TPR shirt :smiley: and an autograph signed as;

To DoubleTop :smiley: :lol:

A most entertaining night though, and boy can that bloke play darts :eek:


i guess that means he won

still waiting to get the photo emailed to me :slight_smile: here’s a scan of the autograph though :D:D:D


Good wok?? LOL

sorry had to be said.
nice one m8 bet that was a night to remember :smiley: