Data Security and Syncing

I have some data that I want to be transferred between home and work regularly (as in daily).

Up until now, I’ve been using Dropbox to automatically sync the files and it’s worked really well. However now I have some data I’m a bit more concerned about uploading to the cloud (as I have to comply with the Data protection act with work and now I’m getting questionnaire results back, I need to comply and I also have some government data) and so I’m looking for an easy way to sync the lot.

However I do do offsite backups with Jungledisk but I’m relatively unconcerned about that as I have not only do I have the normal password system (which encrypts data heading to and from the server), but the disc is encrypted on there drives with only me knowing that password.

As far as I can tell, I’ve really got a few options

A) Truecrypt and Dropbox - I would probably require an upgrade to my Dropbox account as the data I have here would take me over 2GB. Create a truecrypt file and work off that - dismount and have it sync to home. Pros - simple, setup and forget Cons - not cheap (think it’s about £10 ish a month), relies on network connection

B) Truecrypt hard drive - Use a portable hard drive or USB and encrypt it all with Truecrypt - just work off the hard drive and use the local hard drive for backup only. Pros - Cheap (£20 for life of USB stick) Cons - I forget to bring the drive to work, work doesn’t happen. Possible forgetfulness prevents backups.

C) VPS/Server - Either using a VPS or my home PC, I use it as a server and work off that. Pros - Can consolidate my offsite backup + website if I use a VPS Cons - setup, possible security issues, not cheap

D) Any others I’ve missed?

I’m not sure what the best method is here and thought I’d better ask some advice.
University policy is that all of our data is saved to our own laptops (PhD students get laptops, normal students have to use labs and thus save their data to the uni servers by default)