Dazman..... :-(

Aka Bigsheff1.

Aye up. Sorry to be a stranger.

Daz is in his mid forties, and is a fellow board member and cruncher.

He had a leg removed due to complications from type 2 diabetes earlier this year. He’s had the other one amputated a couple of days ago
here in Sheffield.

Apparently he had an epidural, so he watched it in glorious technicolour. Blimey.

Spoke to him yesterday and all he could talk about was how he was fretting about his crunching, the daft b***ger. Thats morphiates for yer.

Anyways, he’s on twitter at @Bigsheff1, so appreciate your goodwill.


Best of luck to Bigsheff1… sad to hear of the loss of his legs.

My Uncle Tom (RIP) lost both his legs as a result of diabetes, and my mother who is 79 suffers from it.

Get well soon Bigsheff!

I remember Sheffy talking about this in the past. Thoughts are with you for a speedy recovery from the operation m8 and let us know how you are when you can.

Thanks for the heads-up Wheelie and nice to see you on the boards matey :thumbsup:

That pistorious bloke had some spare running feet he wont be needing for a while, should we see if he can get them posted to BigSheff ?

Oh and Hi there Wheelie