Death of Michael Jackson

What’s your thoughts? Are you saddened to hear of his death?

I personally am not tbh.

Loss of a great musician, even though not a fan.
About his personal activities… Think some truths may come out now.
I never was convinced, or rejected the possibilities.
Yet still a loss of real talent.

Not greatly, he flat lined musically a long time ago.

Maybe the Elvis impersonators can move on to become Jacko impersonators ?

Not a fan my self, but he made some relative good music.


A great loss to music, as to the rest… well which version of “truth” shall we believe. The “truth” now, the “truth” then? Please don’t tell me he’s a convicted paedo when only network TV and the Newspapers have found him guilty. Such erstwhile organs of truth…

Not a mad Jacko fan you understand, just have this nagging phrase about “innocent until proved guilty” running through my head. If he’s guilty so be it take it into a court and prove it.

Sad to see such an Icon go, his music is/was fantastic, nothing that happened afterwords can change that.
Went to see him at Wembley, the bad tour, it was my first big concert and it blew me away, the guy was a complete showman and the whole thing was stunning. Never believed he would do the shows this summer, not even sure why anyone thought he would, did you see the last time he sang live ?

I don’t know what “truth” will come out now he has gone, I can only see people hopping aboard a bandwagon to make a little cash with the story “they could never tell”

I am sad to see him go, but I do wonder if it comes as a relief for a guy who made so many fans happy, as soon as he fell from the ‘top’ I wonder if he ever was truly happy or knew what happy really means.

Musically, a legend has gone.


[QUOTE=Hidden Spirit;440991]What’s your thoughts? Are you saddened to hear of his death?

I personally am not tbh.[/QUOTE]

I have 3 kids 7 or under

Couldnt give a toss TBH , I hope it was quick and painless but thats about it.

I hope his kids never have to endure what he ‘‘possibly’’ did to others.

His music was good, but in the span of humanities existence its an insignificant loss.

As for his activities, the man was obviously troubled, and VERY differently normal. But nothing has been proven, and until it is then he has to be regarded as innocent.

Innocent is also the impression he gave about his relationship with reality. If his public persona WAS an accurate reflection of his real personality, then maybe the allegations WERE twisted versions of harmless truths.

The only things we know for certain are that he was different, and the pack mentality eradicates ‘different’ with enthusiasm!
And also that he was obviously deeply troubled and unhappy, and maybe from now on, he will be happier.

If he was guilty, and there IS some kind of Judgement Day,… well, the truth will out.

Apart from the philosophical debate of his behaviour, I dont really care what actually happened. I just hope it was quick, and that his kids are well looked after from now on.

With you on that Walter.

This in particular “and the pack mentality eradicates ‘different’ with enthusiasm”. Damn right.
I’m just hoping this doesn’t go all Diana.

My thoughts are with his children, his siblings, and those poor sad souls who will doubtless try to follow him.

Personally I’m sorry to see him go, he gave many people pleasure.
Who knows how any of us might have become warped by the amount of fame, publicity and cash that he had.

Oh and just a thought for the insurance underwriter of the O2 concerts. Whoever he/they are must be holding their head in their hands. Fat cats uh

RIP to the man, he changed “pop”, a great entertainer, and as mentioned a name known worldwide for his music and not all the crap that surrounded his life. I hope he is happy now. My thoughts are with his family and friends.
Having a bit of a MJ music spree here at the moment, his music is legendary and his songs have stood the test of time, long may this continue.

Spam trojans spotted from emails offering recipients links to unpublished videos and pictures of singer Michael Jackson.

It didn’t take long :sigh:


No conspiracy theories out there yet ?

No conspiracy theories out there yet ?[/QUOTE]

It was the smooth criminal aided by the man in the mirror :sigh:

Great, Jacko on every channel.

He may have died skint but with all these royalties rolling in he will be cash positive by time he is in the ground.

Yet there’s sod all about the death of Farah Fawcett

Not particularly sorry that he has gone either tbh. V talented in the past sure, but his life in recent years has just been a ridiculous pantomime.

Another media circus yay, at least it takes the attention away from the killer Swine Flu hysteria.

zomg… there are far more important/interesting things happening in the world right now so i really wish news programmes would stfu about this. Its sad that someone died for sure, but cmon!